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A New Species of the Family Rhacophoridae From Yunnan—Polypedates puerensis
Author of the article:HE Xiao-rui
Author's Workplace:(Department of Biology, Yunnan University, Kunming 650091)
Key Words:Rhacophoridae; Polypedates puerensis; new species; Yunnan ; China
This paper records a new species of the family Rhacophoridae from Yunnan, China.
Polypedates puerensis sp. nov.
Holotype: YU 96606, an adult male, Banshan, Puer County, Yunnan, China, altitude 2000m, May 11, 1996. The geographical situation is 22º54´N, 101º21´E.
Allotype: YU 96604, an adult female, May 11, 1996. Paratypes: 8 adult males and an adult female, May 11, 1996. Allotype and paratype specimens were collected from the same locality as the holotype. All the types are kept in the Department of Biology, Yunnan University, Kunming.
Diagnosis: The new species is closely related to Polypedates dugritei David, but differs from the latter by having: (1) no tubercles as sawtooth on the outer margin of arms and tarsus; (2) the outer metatarsal tubercles absent; (3) 4th digital web not reaching its tip; (4) the tibiotarsal articulation obviously not reaching the tympanum; (5) the heels just meeting each other; (6) the disks on tip of fingers larger than those on tip of toes; (7) dorsum of body with less rounded or semi–rounded, brownish-red spots.
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