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Observation on the Mermithid Larvae From Formica gagates and Amphimermis chinensis in Ant Colony Soil in Korqing Pasture of Inner Mongolia
Author of the article:TANG Chong-ti1, GU Jia-shou2, LI Qing-feng2
Author's Workplace:(1. Laboratory of Parasitic animals, Xiamen University, Xiamen, Fujian Province, 361005; 2. Veterinary Station of Xing’an League, Inner Mongolia 137400)
Key Words:Amphimermis chinensis; Formica gagates; Korqing Pasture in Inner Mongolia
This paper reports the results of observations on the morphology of the mermithid larvae from Formica gagates, (the second intermediate host of Dicrocoelium chinensis in East Inner Mongolia, China) and the adults of Amphimermis chinensis collected from F. gagates colony soil in Korqing Pasture of Inner Mongolia, with 14 figures in 3 Plates.
Measurements of female Amphimermis chinensis (mm) (n=34):
Length: 16.64-55.95; greatest width: 0.166-0.482; % Vulva: 42.94-52.61%; egg diameter: 0.055-0.064.
Measurements of male Amphimermis chinensis (mm) (n=10):
Length of body: 15.71-36.51; greatest width: 0.139-0.248; length of spicules: 1.19-1.53; length of tail: 0.191-0.283; genital papillae: anterior 3 rows of about 47-77 papillae, and posterior 4 rows of about 28-44 papillae. Total about 75-121 papillae. (n=8)
Measurements of mermithid larvae in Formica gagates (mm) (n=20):
Length: 59.79-94.14; greatest width: 0.24-0.36; stylef: 0.051-0.106×0.008-0.011; the end of fat body at the position of body length: 99.1-99.6%.
Measurements of postparasitic larvae from Formica gagates (mm) (n=3):
Length: 36-76; greatest width: 0.244-0.357; the end of fat body at the position of body length: 99%.
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