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Chromosome Diversity of Different Geographical Population of Bufo melanostictus, Rana nigromaculata and Hyal chinensis
Author of the article:QIAN Xiao-wei
Author's Workplace:(Department of Biology and Environment, Wenzhou Normal College, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province 325003)
Key Words:Bufo melanostictus; Rana nigromaculata; Hyal chinensis; chromosomal diversity
Abstract:The karyotypes of Bufo melanostictus, Rana nigromaculata and Hyla chinensis from Wenzhou have been studied. The karyotypes of three populations of Bufo melanostictus Schneider, four porlations of Rana nigromaculata and three populations of Hyla chinensis from different geopraphical regions are compared. The results demonstrate that the same species of different geographical populations have the same amount of chromosome and karyotypic formulate. Bufo melanostictus Schneider has 2n=22, NF=44 and 5+6 karyotypic formulae. Rana nigromaculata has 2n=26, NF=52 and 5+8 karyotypic formulae. Hyla chinensis has 2n=24, NF=48 and 6+6 karyotypic formulae. But some dissimilarities are found among them. First, the number and sequence of submetacentric chromosome are different among them, and the secondary contriction (SC) or satellite (Sat) are also different. It shows that the chromosomes of same species of different geographical population have diversities.
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