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Three New Species of the Genus Mydaea From Sichuan, China (Diptera : Muscidae)
Author of the article:FENG Yan1, DENG An-xiao2
Author's Workplace:(1. Sanitary and Anti-epidemic Station of Yaan City, Yaan, Sichuan Province, 625000, China; 2. Faculty working office of Parasitology, West China Medical University, Chengdu 610041, China)
Key Words:Diptera; Muscidae; Mydaea; new species; China
    In this paper three new species of Mydaea R.-D., 1830 from mountainous region of western Sichuan Province, China collected during 19841989 are described. All the type specimens are kept in the 2nd author’s laboratory.
1.    Mydaea emeishanna sp. nov. (Fig.1) ♂: Body length 6.5 mm. Closely related to Mydaea minor Ma et Wu, 1986, but differs from the latter in: Arista long plumose, the longest aristal hairs about twice as long as the width of 3rd antennal segment; stpl 2:2; hind femur without pv bristle; cerci of male slightly straight and flat on distal margin in caudal view. ♀: Unknown. Holotype: ♂, Mt. Emei (Hongchunping, 1120 m; 29º44’N, 103º31’E), Sichuan Province, May 20, 1984, taken by Deng An-xiao.
2.    Mydaea jubiventera sp. nov. (Fig.2) ♂: Body length 6.0 mm.Closely related to Mydaea laxidetrita Xue et Wang, 1992 from Shanxi Province, but differs from the latter in: Arista short plumose, the longest aristal hairs about one-third as long as the width of 3rd antennal segment; hind femur devoid of pv bristle; surstyli of male straight on apical part in lateral view; cerci on distal mrgins round. ♀: Unknown. Holotype ♂, Maowen (Sanlong, 2800 m; 31º42’N, 103º52’E), Sichuan Province, Sept. 9, 1989, taken by Deng An-xiao.
3. Mydaea jiuzhaigouensis sp. nov. (Fig.3) ♂: Body length 70 mm.Closely related to Mydaea subelecta Feng, 2000, but differs from the latter in: Palpus black; mid femur with a complete row of long bristles on av surface; lateral lobe of 5th sternite about 0.5 times as long as its basal part; length of surstyli of male distinctly longer than length of cerci in lateral view. It is also closely related to Mydaea electa (Zett., 1860), but differs from the latter in: 3rd antennal segment about 3.5 times as long as broad; femora dark to black; abdoment dark and without shifting spots. ♀: Unknown. Holotype ♂: Nanping (Jiuzhaigou, 2300 m; 33º21’N, 104º14’E), Sichuan Province, July 10, 1986, taken by Deng An-xiao.
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