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The Hipposideros pomona in Guizhou Province
Author of the article:YANG Tian-you, HOU Xiu-fa, GU Xiao-ming, ZHOU Jiang*
Author's Workplace:(School of Life Sciences, Guizhou Normal University, Guiyang 550001, China)
Key Words:Hipposideros pomona; Hipposideros bicolor; Hipposideridae; Guizhou
Abstract:During the survey on the bats diversity in October 2008, two specimens of Hipposideros pomona were collected at Yongkang township, Libo county, Guizhou province. These specimens were compared with bicolor species group recorded in the data. Both of the two specimens were the small leaf-nosed bats, Hipposideros pomona (forearm: 44.26 mm, 42.48 mm). Ears were larger relatively, with broadly rounded tips; (ear length: 22.02 mm and 22.58 mm). Nose-leaf structure was simple over the data, without supplementary lateral leaflets beside the anterior leaf. Intermediate leaf was also less differentiated. Posterior leaf was slightly wider than anterior and median leafs, and was divided into four parts by three mediastinums. The first upper premolar (P2) is very small and extruded inward from the tooth-row. These characteristics of specimens which were collected in Guizhou were identical with those of H. pomona recorded in China and Thailand. We also collated the specimens were collected and recorded in Guizhou in earlier data; they also belonged to the H. pomona.
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