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Preliminary Study on Amino Acids of Mucus Excreted from Giant Panda
Author of the article:LIU Xuan-zhen, LI Ming-xi, YU Jian-qiu, HUANG Xiang-ming
Author's Workplace:(Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, 610081)
Key Words:giant panda; mucus; amino acid (AA)
Abstract:Twelve mucus samples from 8 giant pandas were collected and contents of 17 kinds of hydrolysis amino acids (AA) were tested. The results were as follows: the content of Glu was 9.24%±0.47%, which ranked first of 17 kinds of AA, and then Leu, Asn, Thr, Ser, Pro, Val, Lys, Ala, Tyr, Arg, Gly, Ile, Phe, Cys and His; that of Met was 1.25%±0.18%, which was the lowest; the content of the same AA in distinct samples was different; the average content of all 9 kinds of non-essential amino acids (NEAA)was 41.1% ± 2.2% and that of 8 essential amino acids (EAA) 29.8%±1.8%; the ratios of NEAA/EAA were 1.321.45, with an average value of 1.38±0.04; the values of different samples are similar; the average ratio of (Tyr + Phe) / Lys was 1.79±0.31, which was the highest of all of the EAA, and then was Leu/Lys and Thr/Lys; the ratio of Met/Lys (0.31±0.05) was the lowest; the ratio of the same EAA of different samples was distinct; the sequences of ratios of every AA to total of AA were the same as the content of each AA; the content of Glu (13.0%±0.30%) was the highest while that of Met (1.76%±0.25%) was the lowest. The results showed that the contents of each AA especially EAA of mucus were plentiful. It has been suggested by the authors that good quality protein should be supplied to those giant pandas that often excreted mucus, and /or every time excreted much mucus.
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