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Research Progress on Classification and Fauna Analysis of Ceratozetidae
Author of the article:HUANG Rong, XIE Li-xia, LIANG Wen-qin, YANG Mao-fa*
Author's Workplace: (The Provincial Key of Mountainous Region, Institute of Entomology, Guizhou University, Guiyang 550025, China)
Key Words:Oribatida; Ceratozetidae; taxonomy; fauna
Abstract:Ceratozetidae belongs to the superfamily Ceratozetoidea under the suborder Oribatida of class Arachnida. It is one of the richest group which has more widely distribution in the higher Oribatid mites. 24 genera and 271 species are recorded globallyand only 7 genera 11 species recorded in China. In this paper, more than 230 years research histories of the family Ceratozetidae were comprehensively reviewed,representative personage and their studies in the field of taxonomic research are introduced. Besides, taxonomic research of this family in China is also reviewed, the geographic distribution of all species in the family Ceratozetidae both home and abroad is mentioned. The major questions existing in taxonomic research of the family were pointed out, such as the imbalance of current study in this group, weak infrastructure and other major issues. In order to promote research and development of such groups, we should focus mainly on collecting and describing the types and strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in future long period of time.
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