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The Expression of DRD1 in the Development Cerebellar Cortex of Wanxi White Goose
Author of the article:SONG Hai-yan, LIU Zai-qun*, ZHENG Lei
Author's Workplace:(Provincial Key Laboratory for the Conservation and Utilization of Important Biological Resources, College of Life Sciences, Anhui Normal University, Wuhu, Anhui Province 241000, China)
Key Words:Wanxi white goose; cerebellum; development; DRD1; immunohistochemistry
Abstract:The Nissl staining, HE staining or Holmes silver staining and strept avidin-biotin-peroxidase complex (SABC) immunohistochemical methodswere applied to investigate the development of cerebellar cortex in Wanxi white gooseand the expression ofDRD1 positive cells. Results show as follows: the cerebellar cortex at embryonic day 13 (E13) was consist of external granular layer, Purkinje cell layer and internal granular layer from outside to inside, at E19, which consists of external granular layer, molecular layer, Purkinje cell layer and internal granular layer from outside to inside. With the development day increases, the thickness and cell layers of external granular layer were both showed and then decreased, the cell density was declined; the thickness of molecular layerwas rising and maximized from E24 to E28; the Purkinje cell increased gradually from E13 to E28 and tends basically to steady after E28, the cell density of Purkinje cell was declined, experiments discovered that a part of Purkinje cells were arranged layers and the cell layers decreased gradually in the development of cerebellar cortex;the thickness of internal granular layer firstly increased and then decreased, the cell density was rising. In external granular layer and internal granular layer, there were DRD1 positive cells at E13, E19, E24 and E28; in molecular layer ,there were DRD1 positive cells at E24, E28, postnatal day 7 (P7) and P15; in Purkinje cell layer, there were DRD1 positive cells in 6 detected time points.Studies show that the development of cerebellar cortex was mainly related to cells proliferation, migration and apoptosis; the external granular layer disappears gradually because of the cells proliferation and apoptosis; that multi-layer Purkinje cells gradually degenerated into single layer Purkinje cells was related to cells apoptosis and the established of synaptic contact; DRD1 plays an important role in the cells of external granular layer and Purkinje cells in the development cerebellar cortex of Wanxi white goose.
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