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Effect of Zinc on Lethal Rate, Accumulation, CAT and SOD Activities of Bellamya aeruginosa
Author of the article:NAN Xu-yang*,DAI Ling-peng
Author's Workplace:(School of Life and Environmental Science, Wenzhou University, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province 325035, China)
Key Words:Bellamya aeruginosa; zinc; accumulation; CAT; SOD
Abstract:Effect of zinc on lethal rate, Zn enrichment, CAT and SOD activities of Bellamya aeruginosa under Zn stress were studied. The B. aeruginosa were collected from a river in Chashan of Ouhai, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province. The result showed that the zinc had certain toxicity to B. aeruginosa. When the Zn2+ concentration was 3.0 mg/L, a few experimental animals died, the lethal rate was 2.66%. The Zn enrichment of B. aeruginosa were increasing when the Zn2+ concentration rises from 0.3 mg/L to 2.4 mg/L and when the treating time prolongate from 2 d to 8 d except few treating group. There are certain time-response and dose-response effects. Under the Zn stress, the CAT and SOD activities in the hepatopancreas of B. aeruginosa were affected significantly. When the Zn2+ concentrations were relatively low, there are higher CAT and SOD activities of B. aeruginosa. On the contrary, when the concentrations were relatively high, the CAT and SOD activities were restrained.
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