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Relative Density of Small Mammals in Tangjiahe Nature Reserve in Summer
Author of the article:LIAO Wen-bo, ZHOU You-bing, TANG Zhong-hai, ZHOU Cai-quan, HU Jin-chu
Author's Workplace:(Institute of Rare Animals and Plants, China West normal University, Nanchong, Sichuan Province 637002)
Key Words:small mammal; relative density; Tangjiahe Nature Reserve; species
Abstract:During July to August, 2003, an investigation on relative densities of rodent community in Tangjiahe Nature Reserve has been carried out. A total of 18 small mammal species were recorded in the study site. The species with higher relative densities included Apodemus chevrieri (38.95%), Apodemus draco (12.21%) and Niviventer confucianus (12.21%). In the seven typical sites, the relative densities were higher in Chaijiaba (12.00%), Dahuodigou (9.63%), Yaomoyan (7.26%) and Baixiongping (6.29%). But it was much lower in Wenxianhe (3.68%) and Dacaoping (3.00%). Besides, the dominant species were different in every typical sites. However, the reason leading to such distinct result might relate to the abundance level of food.
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