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Chronic Toxicities of Herbicide Glyphosate on Bufo gargarizans
Author of the article:XIAO Yong-hong, LIAO Yong-qiang, ZHOU Chang-xu, JIANG Ping
Author's Workplace:(College of Life Sciences, Jinggangshan University, Ji’an, Jiangxi Province 343009 )
Key Words:Ghyphosate; Bufo gargarizans Cantor; growth rate; motional rate; gastric vacuous rate
Abstract:For studying the chronic toxicities of herbicides on the vertebrate natural enemy, this paper measured the effects of glyphosate on the growth rate, motional rate and gastric vacuous rate of Bufo gargarizans Cantor. The results show that the sublethal dose of glyphosate obviously affected the growth and movement of the tadpoles and the predation of the adults. The growth rate indexes of the tadpoles, including body length, body breadth, tail length, tail breadth, body weight, etc., and the motional rate of the tadpoles are all negatively correlated with the glyphosate concentration. The gastric vacuous rate of the adults, however, is positively correlated with the ghyphosate concentration. There would be 30-60% Bufo gargarizan adults with no prey in their stomaches even they were sprayed by the ghyphosate in recommended concentration.
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