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Preliminary Toxicity Test of Mixtures of Phoxim and Cypermethrin, and Extracts of Tomato, Reed, Metasequoia and Honeylocust against Tribolium castaneum
Author of the article:YANG Cong-jun, ZHANG Xin-gang, SHI Guan-ying, YANG Ling-yun, TAO Ke*, HOU Tai-ping*
Author's Workplace:(College of Life Sciences, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610064, China)
Key Words:Tribolium castaneum; tomato; reed; metasequoia; honeylocust; phoxim; cypermethrin; mixture toxicity
Abstract:As an important worldwide stored grain and product pest, Tribolium castaneum is very difficult to control. The toxicity influences of 4 kinds of plant water extracts on two chemical insecticides, 40% phoxim EC and 5% cypermethrin EC, tomato stems and leaves, reed whole plant, metasequoia leaves and honey locust fruits were determined. The results showed that all mixtures of plant water extracts and 40% phoxim EC 1000 times diluent or 5% cypermethrin EC 500 times diluent in different proportions gavevarious degrees of synergy. When the ratios of insecticides diluent to plant water extracts were 4:1 or 1:1 in volume, the synergies were significant.
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