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Immunohistochemical Localization of Methionine-enkephalin in the Body Wall and Digestive System of Arenicola brasiliensis
Author of the article:HUANG Wen-wen, WANG Yi-yan, GUAN Xiao-juan, SUN Hu-shan*
Author's Workplace:(College of Life Science, Ludong University, Yantai, Shandong Province 264025, China)
Key Words:Arenicola brasiliensis; methionine-enkephalin; body wall; digestive system; immunohistochemistry
Abstract:The methionine-enkephalin (M-ENK) in the body wall and its components gill, parapodia and digestive system of Arenicola brasiliensis was analyzed by the immunohistochemical strept avidin-biotin complex (SABC) staining. The results showed that the different degree of positive M-ENK immunoreaction was observed in the epithelium of body wall, gill, parapodia and each organ of the alimentary. Besides, the positive immunoreaction was centralized in the dissociative sides of the epithelium of the body wall, oesophagus, intestine, rectum. In muscle of the body wall, the degree of M-ENK immunoreaction in the circular muscle layer was stronger than in the longitudinal muscle layer. There was M-ENK in the epithelium and the connective tissue of the oesophageal pouch too. It can be concluded that M-ENK is abundantly distributed in the body wall, gill, parapodia and digestive system in A. brasiliensis, and that different densities of M-ENK in these organs may be related to their different functions.
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