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Short Wave Hyperthermia on VX2 Tumor in Rabbits
Author of the article:DING Yun-ping1, LIU Chang-li2, LIU Xue-xu3*, LI Si-liang 2, YANG Wen3
Author's Workplace:(1.West China College of Stomatology, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610041; 2. Chengdu Wearnes UEST New Technology Co., Ltd; 3. Laboratory Animal Center of Sichuan University)
Key Words: heat therapy; short wave; VX2 tumor

Objective To study the restraint of heat therapy of short wave on VX2 tumor rabbits. Method 49 New Zealand rabbits (CV) were randomly divided into 4 groups – 13 rabbits in heat chemotherapy group (RH), 13 rabbits in heat therapy group(R), 12 rabbits in chemotherapy (H), 11 rabbits in control group (K). The rabbits had been inoculated with VX2 cells. After 10 days, group RH underwent heat therapy and chemotherapy; group R underwent heat therapy; group H underwent chemotherapy; group K underwent nothing. Meanwhile, the changes of these tumors were observed and measured. Result The average tumors weights of groups RH, R, H, K were 9.1g, 29.81g, 16.62g, 29.93g respectively. The weight of group RH was significantly lighter than that of group K (P<0.01), and significantly lighter than that of group H (P<0.05). The average volumes of tumors of groups RH, R, H, K were 7.81cm³, 26.28cm³, 11.66 cm³, 30.94cm³ respectively. The volume of group RH was smaller than that of group H, but the difference was not significant. Conclusion Heat therapy of short wave and chemotherapy can restrain the VX2 tumor growth on the rabbits greatly, and the effect is better than that of chemotherapy alone. The heat therapy alone did not significantly restrain VX2 tumor growth.

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