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Histological Observation of the Digestive System of Rhinolophus ferrumequinum
Author of the article:WANG Fang1,YU Yan2,NIU Hong-xing1﹡
Author's Workplace:(1. College of Life Sciences, Henan Normal University, Xingxiang, Henan Province 453007, China;2. Department of Animal Science, Henan Institute of Science Technology, Xingxiang, Henan Province 453003, China)
Key Words:Rhinolophus ferrumequinum; digestive system; histology
Thedigestive system of Rhinolophus ferrumequinumwere studied on paraffin sections stained with HE. The results showed that the mucosa of oesophagus is multi-layered and the structure of epithelium has no significant difference in the whole oesophagus. Many glands are in the upper end of the esophagus.The lamina stomach has a large number of tubular glands and a thick muscle layer. The mucosal surface of the small intestine has manyring folds. There are many duodenal gland in the submucosa of duodenals upper class. The surface of the colorectum is smooth and has no villus. There are small arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels in the connective tissue of the submucosa. The liver has much connective tissue. The boundary of liver lobule is clear and the liver sinusoidal is developed. The boundary of the pancreatic lobule is obscure.
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