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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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Director:Sichuan Association for Science and Technology
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Studies on the Migration Patterns and Monitoring Methods of the Water Birds in Beijing
Author of the article:ZHANG Tie-lou1, TIAN Heng-jiu1, SHI Yang1, PAN Hong1, CHEN Wei2, LIU Hong-qi3
Author's Workplace: (1. Beijing Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, Beijing 100029, China;2. College of Life Science, Capital Normal University; 3. College of Resources Environment and Tourism, Capital Normal University)
Key Words:water birds; migration; Beijing; avian influenza; monitoring
Abstract:The global outbreak of bird flu H5N1 in 2005 had engaged the whole world's attention. The fact that migratory birds could be infected with avian influenza and that wild waterfowl are the main natural reservoir of the avian influenza virus has been recognized by the world. Then the wildlife’s epidemic disease monitoring work in China has been carried out. Based on the analysis of 3 years of monitoring data, we found that the spring northward migration of wild waterfowl in Beijing started in late February and reached its peak in early April. Then they started their southward migration in late September which reached its peak in late November. In this paper, the distribution of the main groups of water birds (eg. the geese and ducks, charadriidae and scoipacidae, ardeidae) and their migratory patterns were analyzed in accordance with the characteristics of the climate of Beijing. Based on the relation between temperature and the characteristics of the avian influenza virus, the monitoring period and species which we should focus on were also pointed out .
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