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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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Avian Community Investigation and Diversity in Heilongjiang Dazhanhe Nature Reserve
Author of the article:ZHANG Bai-lian1, GU Jin-xue2, GU Yan-chang2, ZHAO Cheng-peng2
Author's Workplace:(1. Shanghai Vocational Technical College of Agriculture and Forestry, Shanghai 201600, China; 2 Management Institute of Heilongjiang Dazhanhe Nature Reserve)
Key Words:Dazhanhe; community; diversity; evenness
Abstract:Line transects and netting sampling methods were used to investigate avian resources in Dazhanhe Nature Reserve. Species diversity, evenness and the comparability index between different habitat communities were calculated. There were 203 avian species in Dazhanhe Nature Reserve, of which 92 Asseriformes species and 110 non-Asseriformes species were found, and composed mainly of Muscicapidae, Anatidae and Scolopacidae. Birds of the Palaearctic realm represented a higher proportion (65.52%) of avian species in Dazhanhe nature reserve, common species were less (30.54%) and little from Oriental realm (3.94%) were represented. For species diversity index of the four communities, the rank was wetland>forests>cropland>residents, the evenness index was ranked by wetland>forests>cropland>residents; the comparability index was ranked by residents-cropland (S=0.25)> wetland-forests (S=0.23) > wetland-cropland (S=0.14) > residents-forests(S=0.07).
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