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Effect of Different Dilutions on Semen Characteristic of Captive Black Bears
Author of the article:LIU Wei1, JIN Yue2, JIN Ri-ming3, ZHANG Xing-ji3, CUI Cheng-du1*
Author's Workplace:(1. College of Agriculture,Yanbian University, Longjing, Jilin Province 133400, China; 2. The Control Center of Animal Blight Obviate of Animal Husbandry Administrative Bureau; 3. Industry Limited Company of Baitoushan of Jilin)
Key Words: dilution; black bear; sperm trait
Abstract:On the basis of the bear semen collected by electroejaculation for 63 times from 23 captive black bears, the semen trait was determined. Through screening comparison of 3 dilutions of semen preserved under the 4℃ temperature, the results showed: the average of ejaculation of captive black bears was 1.06±0.93 ml, pH.6.71±0.44, sperm count (3.23±1.68)×108/ml, abnormal sperm percentage (23.48±7.95)%, intact acrosome percentage (88.58±3.86)%, motility and vitality (76.30±13.91)% and (63.91±18.53)%. The effect of Tris-citric acid-fructose-glucose-yelk dilution preserved the captive black bear semen were the best. The dilution of Tris-citric acid-fructose-glucose-yelk can be optimized for further study as the first choice.
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