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Two New Names and Two New Record Species of Muscoidea of China (Diptera:Anthomyiidae,Muscidae)
Author of the article:HAO Bo, DU Jing, XUE Wanqi*
Author's Workplace:College of Life Science Shenyang Normal University Shenyang 110034 China
Key Words:Muscoidea; Lasiomma; Phaonia; new name; synonym; new record species
Abstract:This paper provides 2 new names for Lasiomma tieshashanensis Xue, nom. n. and Phaonia fengyani Xue, nom. n.[KG-2mm], and L. monticola Suh et Kwon was found to be a new synonym. Moreover, the authors have collected some specimens including 2 new record species of China from Taiwan province, which are P. longipalpis Emden, 1965 and P. mystica (Meigen, 1826).
2017,36(5): 572-575 收稿日期:2017-02-24
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