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Eggs Mass Variation and Parameters Measurement of Larus relictus in Incubation Period
Author of the article:WANG Qingxiong, YANG Chao, XIAO Hong*
Author's Workplace:Shaanxi Institute of Zoology, Xi'an 710032, China
Key Words:Larus relictus; eggs mass loss; egg parameters; measurement method
Abstract:In this study, a total of 111 eggs of relict gull (Larus relictus) were collected in Hongjiannao wetland, and eggs parameters were determined by formula method and manual measure. The results showed that eggs parameters were reduced along with egg laying sequence in the same clutch (egg mass:1=59.31 g±3.86 g, 2=56.59 g±3.67 g, and 3=54.99 g±3.96 g), and the first egg had significant differences with the second and the third egg (P<0.05). This might be due to the management of energy storage which could achieve the maximum breeding fitness of parental birds by reducing egg mass and egg size but without influencing the hatching rate of eggs. The mean mass loss of eggs was 9.50 g±1.45 g, and the loss rate was 15.82%±1.94%. Additionally, egg loss peaked in 3-5 d of post-hatching and 2 d of pre-nestling, on the whole, egg mass loss rate was consistent with the embryonic development. Paganelli formula was used to determine the raw mass of eggs in field investigation, where others were calculated by Narhshin formula. However, the results of both formula methods had not significant differences with that of manual measure (P>0.05). Overall, Paganelli formula is simple and quick than Narushin formula in parameters measurement of L. relictus.
2017,36(5): 552-556 收稿日期:2016-12-15
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