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A New Species of Ctenophthalmus From Sichuan (Siphonaptera : Hystrichopsyllidae)
Author of the article:CHEN Ning-yu1, LI Gui-zhen2, WEI Xiao-rong3
Author's Workplace:(1.The Health and Anti – Epidemic Station of Sichuan Province, Chengdu 610031; 2. Guiyang Medical College, Guiyang 550004; 3. Health and Antiepidemic Station of Pingwu, Pingwu County, Sichuan Province 622550)
Key Words:Ctenphthalmus (Sinoctenophthalmus) longiprojiciens; Ctenophthalmus; new species; Sichuan

Ctenophthalmus (Sinoctenophthalmus)longiprojiciens,sp. nov.

DiagnosisThe new species is near to Ctenophthalmus(Sinoctenophthalinus)Li et Huang, 1980 and C.(S.) gansuensis Wu, Zhang et Wang, 1982 by the male movable process With rather numerous sensile bristles at the dorso-anterior corner. But it Could be distinguished by the posterior lobe of the immovable process in male being obviously longer than that of C. breviprojiciens, The anterior lobe of the immovable process is broad and round, With four long subapical bristles and four shorter apical ones. There is a sinus situated a little below the middle of the posterior margin of the eighth sternite. The posterior arm of the ninth sternite is near to that of C. breviprojiciens, being narrow and long, but its length equals to or a little shorter than 1/2 of the anterior arm and barely one third of its width, with more than ten apical and subapical thin bristles.

Female: the upper Sinus of the posterior margin of the seventh sternite is round and deeper than that of C. gansuensis. The lower Sinus is broad and very shallow, running obliquely below the mid-lobe, down to the ventral margin.

Record: Holotype male, 2.0 mmlong, allotype female,2.8mmlong, paratype one male, all from Wanglong Natural Reserve,PingwuCounty, in June, 1984 off Eothenomys era. Another paratype male from HeiShui, off E. era in 1960. Specimens are deposited in Health and Antiepidemic Station of Sichuan Province and inGuiyangMedicalCollege.
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