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Six New Species of The Spiders of The Genus Heteropoda from China (Araneae:Heteropodidae)
Author of the article:WANG Jia-fu
Author's Workplace:(Hunan Biology Research Institute, Changsha 410081)
Key Words:Araneae; Heteropodidae; Heteropoda; new species

This paper deals with 6 new species of spiders of the genus Heteropoda collected from Hunan,Yunanan,Jiangxi provinces. and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous

Region All the type specimens are deposited in the Hunan Bilogy Research


Heteropoda companacea sp. nov.(Figs.1-5)

Holotype♂, allotype♀, paratype 2♀♀, Mt.Tianpingshan, Sangzhi County (110°20′E, 29°25′N), Hunan Province, August 21, 1984, Wang and Zhang; paratype 1♂, Sangzhi County, Hunan Province, July 19, 1981, Shen; paratype1♂, Mt. Damingshan(108°28′ E, 23°28′ N), Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Sept.1984 Wang.

Holotype♂: Total length ll.40mm, carapace 5.50×4.80: abdomen 6.40×3.70.

Allotype ♀: Total length 11.80, carapace 5.80×4.80, abdomen 6.10×4.10.

This new species is allied to Heteropoda stellata Schenkel, 1936, but differs

from the latter in the epigynum, vulva and tibial apophysis.

Heteropoda squamarea sp. nov. (Figs. 6-10)

Holotype ♂, allotype♀, Yuxi County, Yunnan Province, March 3, 1979, Wang.

paratype 2♀♀, Mengyang County (102°44′ E, 22°44′ N), Yunnan Province, March

10,1979 Wang.

Holotype♂: Total length 16.30, carapace 8.30×7.40, abdomen 8.50×5.50.

Allotype♀Total length 21.30, carapace 12.00×9.00, abdomen 10.30×6.60.

This new species is allied to Heteropoda venatoria (Linnaeus, 1759), but differs

from the latter in the tibial apophysis of male palp, distal end of conductor

branch-shaped not bayonet-shaped and vulva.

Heteropoda lushanensis sp. nov. (Figs. 11, 12)

Holotype♂, Mt. Lushan (115°55′ E, 29°32′N) , Jiangxi Province, June 15, 1987, Wang. Total length 7.20, carapace 3.50×3.00, abdomen 3.80×2.40.

This new species is allied to Heteropoda exiguna Fox, 1938 but may be separated

from the latter by following characters:tibial apophysis finger-shaped and

basal division of embolus narrower.

Heteropoda spiculata sp. nov. (Figs. 13, 14)

Holotype♂, Mt. Xishan (102°02′ E, 24°29′ N) , Yunnan Province, October

24, 1978 Wang; Total length 7.10, carapace 3.60×3.10, abdomen 3.60×2.20.

This new species is allied to Heteropoda forcipata (Karsch, 1881), but differs

from the latter in tibia1 apophysis with two parts, one finger-shaped and the

other fishhook-shaped.

Heteropoda chengbuensis sp. nov. (Figs. 15, 16)

Holotype♀, Chengbu County (110°181′E, 20°20′ N), Hunan Province, August

5, 1983 Wang. Total length 16.60, carapace 8.50×8.30, abdomen 8.50×8.20.

This new species is allied to Heteropoda bhaikakai Patel et Patel, 1973, but differs

from the latter by: (1) total length 16.60 in female longer than that of the

latter 14.30; (2) dorsum of carapace and abdomen reddish brown, sternum and

renter of abdomen black; (3) dorsum of abdomen with a few long yellowish

Hairs; (4)structure of epigynum.

Heteropoda serrata sp. nov. (Figs. 17-19)

Holotype♂, Mt. Lushan, Jiangxi Province, June 15, 1987, Peng; paratype♂,

I immature, Mt. Huangshan (118°10′E, 30°08′ N) , Anhui Province, Oct. 1979


Holotype♀, total length 10.10, carapace 4.70×4.10, abdomen 5.40×2.60.

This new species differs from Heteropoda koreana Paik, 1968, in the following

characteristics: (1) size smaller; (2) color pattern simpler; (3) tibial apophysis

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