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A New Species of Anopheles (Diptera : Culicidae)
Author of the article:LEI Xin-tian
Author's Workplace:(Sichuan Institute of Parasitic Diseases, Chengdu 610041)
Key Words:Diptera; Culicidae; Genus Anopheles; Subgenus Anopheles; new species

Anopheles (Anopheles) junlianensis sp. nov.

The new species resembles An. (Ano.) yatsushiroensis but differs in bollwing points.


An. (Ano.) yatsushiroensis.

Anopheles (Anopheles) junlianensis sp. nov.


1.   Palpus

2.   Subcostal vein

3.   Lst longitudinal vein

4. Parabasal spine of nale basistyle

With apical and sbapical pale band; subbasal pale band the windest


Stem vein completely pale; without distinct sector and middle dark spots


Apical and subapical pale band merged; subbasal and subapical pale band equal in width

Vein thin and short, with fewer scales attached

With scattered black scale on stem vein; with sector and middle dark spots.

With 2 thick spines, a conical protrude in basal part of the short spine and the longer spine with a conical protrode


5.Head hair 3-c

6.Mesothorax 2-M

<30 branches in average

Mostly single

>30 branches in average

Mostly with branches


7.Abdomenhair 2-

8.Abdomenhair 2-

10.0-16.4 branches in average

10.7-14.7 branches in average

6.03 branches in average

4.44 branches in average

Type specimens: Hollotype 1, Allotype 1, Paratypes 46♀♀, 20♂♂, - instar larva 47, pupa skins 26. All are deposited in Sichuan Institute of Parasitic Diseases. All the specimens were filial generations from eggs laid single mosquito artificially bred in laboratory, except 5 mosquitos collected from cattle sheds inJunlianCounty.
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