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Some Trematodes from Amphibians and Reptiles in Sichuan Province, with description of a New species (Trematoda : digenea)
Author of the article:ZHANG Tong-fu
Author's Workplace:(Department of Veterinary Science, Sichuan Agricultural University, Yaan, Sichuan Province 625014, China)
Key Words:Trematoda; Brachycoeliidae; Mesocoelium; new species
In the present paper 25 species of digenetic trematodes from amphibians and reptiles in Sichuan Province are listed. Besides, a new species is described. Type specimen is deposited in the Department of Veterinary Science, Sichuan Agricultural University.
Mesocoelium angustisomum sp.nov. (Fig.)
The description is based on 1 specimen from the intestine of Trimeresurus jerdonii in Yaan (30ºN, 103º3´E), Sichuan. Body 4.323 × 0.626, eggs 0.065 – 0.075 × 0.038 - 0.043 (0.071 × 0.041). This new species similar to Mesocoelium mesembrium, but it differs from the latter in: 1. Body narrower, ratio of width to length 1:6.903, unspined; 2. Vitellaria extending from middle level between pharynx and intestinal bifurcation to behind receptaculum seminis; follicular number more, right about 89, left about 106; 3. Eggs larger, 0.065 – 0.075 × 0.038 – 0.043. The new species differs from all the known species of the genus Mesocoelium in body narrower, eggs larger.
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