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Embryonic Development of Schizothorax kozlovi in Upper Reaches of Wujiang River, Sichuan
Author of the article:CHEN Yong-xiang1, LUO Quan-sheng2
Author's Workplace:(1.Department of Biology, Bijie Teachers College, Bijie, Guizhou Province 551700; 2.Department of Biology, Southwest China Teachers University, BeiBei, Chongqing 400715)
Key Words:Schizothorzx kozlovi; embryonic development; Cyprinidae
Abstract:The present paper deals with the embryonic development of Schizothorax kozlovi. The fertilized gees obtained by artificial insemination were sticky with a mean diameter of 2.65 mm but 3.7 mm after expanded with water. Under the mean water temperature of 16.35(ranged from 11.0-21.0), the fertilized gee formed blastoderm 1 hour later, and entered the blastula stage by 11 hours, then gastrula stage by 23 hours. After that, the blastopore closed by 41.8 hours, the muscle came to contract by 59 hours, the heart begain pulsating by 83 hours, and the embryo hatched out by 130 hours. Newly hatched fry had a body length of 7.8-8.5 mm. Long hatching period and early muscular effect seemed to be the remarkable characteristics. In addition, a comparison with that of Gymnocypris przewalskii przewalskii and effect of temperature on embryonic development have been discussed in the paper.
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