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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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Director:Sichuan Association for Science and Technology
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Study on Spider Fauna of Langshan National Geopark in Hunan Province (Arachnida: Araneae)
Author of the article:HE Bingyan, CHEN Zhuoer, XU Xiang and YIN Haiqiang*
Author's Workplace:College of Life Sciences, Hunan Normal University
Key Words:taxonomy; Mountains Langshan; Hunan Province; new record; spider fauna
Abstract:Langshan National Geopark is a national 5A scenic area in China. This Geopark is characterized by Danxia landform and it is also one of the important representative region of “Danxia landform of China” included in the World Heritage List in 2010. Taxonomic studies on spiders have never been done in this region in the past. In present study, 179 known spider species of 107 genera of 32 families was identified by authors based on all spider specimens collected from Langshan National Geopark in 2014 and 2015. A list of spider species of Langshan National Geopark was provided here, including 2 new record genera from Hunan, Epeus Peckham & Peckham, 1886 of Salticidae and Molione Thorell, 1892 of Theridiidae, and 26 new record species from Hunan which are Cyclosa argentata, Eriovixia pseudocentrodes, Clubiona cylindrata, Cicurina calyciforma, Chinophrys pengi, Cytaea levii, Epeus glorius, Myrmarachne inermichelis, Heteropoda amphora, Chrysso caudigera, Chrysso vitra, Dipoena redunca, Dipoena ripa, Episinus variacorneus, Molione triacantha, Moneta caudifera, Moneta subspinigera, Phycosoma hainanensis, Phycosoma martinae, Theridion obscuratum, Yaginumena castrata, Oxytate multa, Tmarus circinalis, Tmarus longqicus, Tmarus piger and Trachelas sinensis. The present study makes us to have a basically clear understanding of the spider species composition of Langshan National Geopark.
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