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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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cDNA cloning, characterization and expression analysis of peroxiredoxin gene in the gibel carp Carassius auratus gibelio
Author of the article:SHUI Dianzhang,CHEN Shengfeng
Author's Workplace:School of Biology and Basic Medical Science, Soochow University
Key Words:Carassius auratus gibelio; Peroxiredoxin; Cloning; Sequence analysis; Tissue distribution
Abstract: In this study, a full length cDNA sequence of peroxiredoxin gene was cloned from the liver of Carassius auratus gibelio by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction ( RT-PCR ) and rapid amplification of cDNA ends ( RACE ) methods. The structure and speculated function of peroxiredoxin gene were analyzed. The full length of CaPrx was comprised of 1035 nucleotides with a 3’ untranslated region ( UTR ) of 366 bp, 5’ UTR of 75 bp and an open reading frame ( ORF ) of 594 bp, encoding 197 amino acids. The predicted molecular mass and estimated isoelectric point were 21.83 KD and 5.93. And there was a conservative Cys in the N-terminal and C-terminal portion respectively, which indicates the CaPrx belongs to 2-Cys Prx family. Sequence comparison revealed that the deduced amino acid sequence of CaPrx showed highly homology to the Prx homologs of Mylopharyngodon piceus (98%) and Rattus norvegicus (81%). Furthermore, quantitative real-time PCR analysis revealed that CaPrx could be detected in variant tissues, and the highest expression level was detected in hemocyte and liver followed by hemocyte. It also indicated that there was little expression of this gene in head kidney, gills and brain. Compared with the diseased fish, the levels of CaPrx was decreased significantly in the liver, which indicated the CaPrx involved in immune response against CyHV-2 infection in Carassius auratus gibelio.
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